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Winter Solstice…

I woke up this Winter Solstice morning– well to be honest it was afternoon…

(Side-note: I haven’t been sleeping well most of the year.  I have been living out of suitcases and boxes, traveling to Oregon, California, New Mexico, Illinois, Pennsylvania & New York, working on a role that has enhanced/exhausted my emotional capacity, and I think my body has finally decided to REST. My appetite has been limited as well, I just haven’t felt like eating much. Yet the minute I got home to NM I’ve been eating serving after serving of homemade meals, sleeping so soundly, and I realized that being home in New Mexico has shifted me into a mode of sustenance and recuperation.)

So, I woke up today and saw this post by my mom:


Winter Solstice has been a special day for me and my mom for almost 20 years now. We would regularly take walks along the Rio Grande river since I was able to walk, with our various dogs (Chula, Simpre, Sola) throughout the years. We ventured to a particular spot  along the Bosque that had a little juniper tree growing amongst the cottonwood trees. At the beginning it was only about 2 ft tall, and today it is about 20 ft. I feel as if this tree and I have been growing together, like she is my Bosque sibling. (My name Sabina translate to a species of juniper tree) We have created a tradition of decorating the tree with edible goodies for the birds and coyotes of the area to enjoy. Most of the time we make bird seed ornaments with peanut butter and pine cones. But this year we decide to just leave some cinnamon raisin bagels on the branches.

After decorating the tree we find a space along the river to sit and watch the sunset while watching the migrating cranes, Canadian geese and other fowl. We usually bring a little picnic and hot beverages… It is a celebration of the final light before the longest night. The time before the days begin to get brighter. A moment of silence in nature to reflect on the year, the ups and downs, the in-betweens.

I am so grateful to have had this moment this year, because what a year 2017 has been…


Walking along the Bosque trail.


The path to the tree…


My Tree Sister, who has been trimmed for passing bikers…


Mom decorating the tree…


We found a pine cone from years ago that we had hung on the tree with peanut butter and birdseed.


Bagel decorations for the birds!


Bosque Tree decorating accomplished!


Panorama view of our Winter Solstice picnic area


Salud to our days getting brighter!


My inspiration for looking towards the future, one of the brightest sources in my life to help me keep going…


EL SOL, the life force that will grace us with more and more light after today…

Winter Blessings to you and all of your loved ones, may your days not only bring you more sunlight but also more love, joy, hope and action towards change. May your kernel of courage unfurl and bring strength into 2018!


Winter-Solstice-and-Yule-A-shift-from-darkness-to-light.jpg.optimalws prayer

Old Traditions & New Years

Mom and Sola in front of our Winter Solstice Tree.

Mom and Sola in front of our Winter Solstice Tree.

When I was little my Mom and I would take a walk to the Rio Grande Bosque with our dog Chula around Christmas time. Amongst the cottonwoods and salt cedar was a little pine tree that we would visit. It was about as tall as I was, and as this tradition has continued I have grown and the tree is now over 20 feet high. For Winter Solstice we create peanut butter and birdseed ornaments to hang on the tree for the birds and the coyotes and we bring snacks and drinks for ourselves. The past couple years my Mother has been making Hot Buttered Rum! Sometimes other family members join us if they are in town, but this winter it was just me, my Mom and our dog Sola, and it was really special.

     I wondered what it was like for my mom to be walking with me, now 34 years old, and a new dog, down the same path we used to walk when I was little. It was chilly and a lot later than we usually walk out there in the wilderness. We finished decorating the tree and then found a nice spot on the bank of the river to open our thermos of hot buttered rum and watch the sun go down as we heard the ducks and cranes sound their nighttime songs. When we decided to walk back it was dark, I lit the flashlight app on my phone and we made our way back to civilization. It was a little scary, I have to admit, as I have gotten older my imagination tends to create horrible scenarios, most likely because of the T.V. shows I watch. We knew there were probably coyotes out there tracking us, I was holding Sola on the leash and she was on high alert. But being there with my mom I felt safe, we kept talking and making noises with plastic bags and pretty soon we relaxed when we were back at the car.

     Despite the dark walk home, it was so peaceful, so beautiful and a perfect moment to have before leaving New Mexico for another job in another town. My mother is a big promoter of traditions and as I have gotten older I am thankful for them because they remind me of where I come from, something that I always keep in mind as I excavate the lives of different characters in my work.

NYE fireworks above the American Airlines Center in Downtown Dallas

NYE fireworks above the American Airlines Center in Downtown Dallas

    This New Year’s Eve I took myself out for a night on the town in downtown Dallas! My fiance was out of town, my castmates were with their loved ones and I was in the mood to treat myself to a good dinner. I am an Open Table fanatic, I love collecting dining points and discovering new restaurants. I found a cute little french restaurant, Mercat Bistro, that was near downtown and had a reasonable Prix Fixe menu for NYE. The restaurant also happened to be near the American Airlines Center where they had a big NYE concert and fireworks at midnight. I walked over there after dinner and could almost imagine what it would be like to be at Time Square in NYC, there were so many people!

     The Dallas Theater Center has given me a rental car to share with the actor playing Oedipus, however I have discovered the car service LYFT, and rather than drive myself to dinner and drinks in Dallas I have been using this service. The girl who picked me up had the car decorated in balloons, glow bracelets and a mini disco ball, it was super festive and a great start to the evening. I exited her car with my green glow bracelet and walked into the little bistro.

  Dinner started with a glass of Moet champagne along side my first course of King Crab stuffed Mushrooms. The second course was a glass of Prosecco with a Seasonal Vegetable Salad. The main course was a bold Spanish Red Blend along side a fantastic Filet Mignon with grilled asparagus and Fois Gras (The best I have ever had!) Dessert was ice cream and assorted cookies. Knowing that they would be busy I asked to sit at the bar so I didn’t take up a table. I made friends with the waitress, bartender and the gentleman sitting beside me and to my surprise he picked up my tab! It was a fantastic start to the New Year, having a total stranger feed a starving artist.

     Having the Winter Solstice tradition with me while embarking on a new play in a new year helps keep me balanced. I can remember the beautiful sunset and the sweet Hot Buttered Rum when I need to relax, and I can call upon the memory of the dark walk back to the car to keep me alert and on my toes. It’s no coincidence that the year started off with a New Moon, the magical time for new beginnings and a time to set new goals. I am thankful for the Old ways and the New, and I embrace this next journey into the world of Oedipus El Rey…

My sketch on the first page of the script, completed during table work.

My sketch on the first page of the script, completed during table work.

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