Stepping into Magic: an actor's journey…

"Be not afraid of greatness: some are born great, some achieve greatness and some have greatness thrust upon them" ~William Shakespeare

#MojadaMedeaOSF: Penultimate. Only one chance left…

mojada-1Today marked our second to last performance of Luis Alfaro’s Mojada: A Medea in Los Angeles at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival. It is auspicious not only because it happens to be July 2nd, but also because it is the anniversary of the 1st production of the Oregon Shakespeare Festival that started in 1935!

OSF Birthday 2017

Drama professor, Angus L. Bowmer, a teacher at Southern Oregon Normal School in Ashland, approached the city with a plan to have a theatre festival as part of the 4th of July celebration. The city approved and gave him $400 towards the festival. He and his students got to work creating the costumes, simple props and set pieces and presented two plays: Twelfth Night on July 2nd, Merchant of Venice on July 3rd  and Twelfth Night again on the 4th of July. The Oregon Shakespeare Festival  was born! It began in a repertory schedule and continues 82 years later as the largest regional rotating repertory theatre in the United States!

Click HERE to listen to a 1952 radio interview with Angus L. Bowmer.  He talks about the history of the Festival, provides an extended excerpt from the 1951 production of “Twelfth Night,” and discusses the upcoming 1952 season.


The Cast of Mojada: A Medea in Los Angeles: (Clockwise Left to Right) Nancy Rodriguez, SZV, Lakin Valdez, Vilma Silva, VIVIS (center) and Jahnangel “JJ” Jimenez                                               (Not pictured Connor Chaney)

What a journey this has been, I am still surprised that we have only one show left… I am in disbelief, some might call it denial…

As I walked home today I noticed this poster in front of the Episcopal Church on 2nd St. I couldn’t find the name of the artist, so if anyone knows, please let me know! It stopped me in my tracks and brought tears to my eyes… To know that there are people, families, children, at this very moment, making the journey to cross the border. They are risking their lives and hearts for a dream, a need, shelter, hope, new beginnings…


I love telling this story.

I am honored be able tell this story.

I hope you have heard our story.

Please join us to listen to this story.

Our final performance is Thursday July 6th at 8pm. Get your tickets HERE.

My heart is prepared to tell it for the last time on the Angus Bowmer stage, but my spirit isn’t ready…

I am comforted by the announcement that we will be transferring this production to Portland Center Stage in the fall. The entire cast, set and costumes with be heading up north in late October to rehearse, tech and present this story November 4th-26th. So mark your calendars if you live in the area, or send the information along to friends and family you may have that live nearby.

Mojada-750x414 PCS.jpg


Thank you for being a home away from home, a sanctuary for telling stories and a vehicle for change…

Congrats to the cast and crew of Mojada: A Medea in Los Angeles for one hell of a run!

I am proud to be a company member and part of this fantastic cast!

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