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Happy Birthday Dad!



a poem for my Father’s 70th Birthday


It’s the smile,

no the laugh,

maybe the nose,

the eyes…

Those are him, those are me.

His blood, my blood.

The words he yelled from the bleachers still echo in my ears:

“Follow your shot!”

Now I yell that at the television every time a player misses.

He taught me

Guided me

I can fix things because of him.

He soothed me

He reprimanded me

I want to be a better person because of him.

He raised me

He praised me

I am who I am because of him.

He supports me

He loves me

I am able to give back and tell stories because of him.

His smile lights up my heart

His laughter is electric and brings me joy

His eyes see me and tell me the truth

His face brings me peace.

I look up to him and I can see myself.

I look like my Dad.




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