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You Never Can Tell: Closing



Final look into the dressing room mirror, with my newly purchased costume jacket and belt from wardrobe!

Closing weekend: Friday morning I picked up Tia Angie from the Oakland airport, in from Denver to see the show! We lunched in Jack London Square at Lungomare, walked along the water and then checked her into her Berkeley hotel, The Rose Garden Inn (A great find!) Friday night, Miles arrived from an insane drive up the I-5 to celebrate with me for the weekend. Saturday afternoon Angie watched the Matinee, the cast had lunch in-between shows, Miles and our friend Linda watched the evening show in freezing Orinda weather and then we caught up over late night food and drinks at Eureka! in Berkeley. Sunday morning Angie, Miles and I had coffee before taking her to the airport and Sunday afternoon we closed with an incredible final show to a standing ovation with Miles and our friends George and Lisa in the audience. (At intermission Miles sent me a bouquet of handpicked roses!) We exited stage left, got out of costumes and joined in a champagne toast in the green room led by Artistic Director Eric Ting (Who is directing the next show on the Cal Shakes stage Othello, opening Sept. 14th!) Goodbyes, congrats, thank yous and hugs flit about from person to person, the dressing rooms were cleaned out, costume pieces were purchased and a few of us went to The Fourth Bore Tap Room and Grill for a final supper.


Monday morning I woke up and realized I had been going over all of my lines from the play in my dreams, I laid there for a few moments and just kept going over them, savoring the brilliant language, before gearing up to pack and hit the road. We cleaned out the little casita I was staying in and headed south to join our friends for a Labor Day BBQ in San Mateo then drove to Visalia for the night to break up the trip halfway. Tuesday afternoon we hit the road again, listened to the new De La Soul album (It’s fantastic!) and arrived back to LaLa land!

Today Miles is on set shooting part of an episode of his latest adventure (Stay Tuned!) and I am sitting on our balcony in Pasadena, listening to the Academy of Ancient Music radio on Pandora, looking at my Bay Area roses from Miles (They are still in full bloom!) sipping some coffee, ¬†and writing this post. Images of the stage, my costumes, the music, the cast, the scenes keep swirling in my mind’s eye…

My mother wrote in an email this morning: “I know this can be a down time for you….but its also a time to rest and retrieve yourself back from the 19th century…Something does always seem to come up for you….even if it is just auditions…..hopefully you can detach, replenish and feel good about what you achieved with your work.”

She’s right. It’s always a tough transition to leave a show, to leave a cast, a stage and work of art that I have been immersed in for close to two months. Time and time again, we do this as theatre artists. We become a part of a family and then have to go through a separation. After each closing of a show our theatre family grows bigger and bigger and the world seems a little smaller. It is inevitable that I will cross paths with these beautiful artists again and I look forward to that day. I hold in my heart the dear memories of my time as Gloria, the challenging task of working through Shaw’s language and emotions, discovering the twists and turns of her story, revealing the love and labor through live theatre. I miss my cast-mates, the Bay Area weather, the walk up the hill to the theatre, the thrill of walking on stage each night, but I am home and I really missed home.

I no longer have to look at my love Miles through Skype or FaceTime. I can talk to our plants and the hummingbirds, our grapefruits are almost ripe, the Pasadena streets have been missing my footsteps and the LA theatre scene is bustling with shows to attend. I am filled with gratitude for the experience of my first George Bernard Shaw play, I am proud of my work and remain in awe of the extreme talent of the cast and crew of You Never Can Tell. The audiences were fantastic and Cal Shakes is an incredible company to work for! I am also blessed by all of the family and friends who came out to support our Shaw Show, thank you for making the trip!

Congratulations to ALL who were involved in this unforgettable production: Thank You from the bottom of my heart!

Until Next Time….


Instagram post for our closing show by John R. Lewis

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