Stepping into Magic: an actor's journey…

"Be not afraid of greatness: some are born great, some achieve greatness and some have greatness thrust upon them" ~William Shakespeare

A Year of Strength…

 A year ago I closed a show in Los Angeles and hopped a plane home to New Mexico. A year ago today my mother was admitted for a valve repair surgery in Denver, Colorado. She knew the recovery from an open chest surgery would be brutal, especially after watching my dad go through it over 7 years ago, so she researched options for non invasive procedures. We were in Denver for two weeks, she recovered for a bit in the hospital and then at her sister Angela’s house before we drove back to Albuquerque to get her settled in for the long haul of recovery. It was difficult and trying for her, lots of ups and downs with breathing and medication and building back strength…

Now, a year later she’s already been to Los Angeles twice, to see one of my plays and go to the Ovation Awards, Atlanta to see herself in the permanent exhibit at the Center for Human and Civil Rights, New York to help a friend after the passing of her husband, Cincinnati to see another of my plays, and is currently at Duke University for two weeks working on her photography from the Civil Rights movement. 

My mother has been and still is the epitome of endurance, strength and persistence. I am not surprised at all that she is so active and healthy after what she went through a year ago today, she is one of the strongest people I know. Yet realizing that it was only a year ago, I am again in awe of my Mom. I was blessed to have been with her during the procedure and part of the recovery process. Although it is hard to see a parent in pain and struggle, I feel grateful to have watched her fight to make herself better.

I thank the creator, angels, ancestors, stars and universe for her health and am inspired to work on my own body and spirit, because this life is what we have and we’ve gotta make the most of it…I went on a 30 minute run today, pushed by something inside of me to make myself better, healthier, stronger…

 Here’s to many, many more years of strength for my Mom, my Dad-all of my loved ones and Myself, so we can enjoy our incredible journeys to the fullest…! 



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