Stepping into Magic: an actor's journey…

"Be not afraid of greatness: some are born great, some achieve greatness and some have greatness thrust upon them" ~William Shakespeare

Home, Heart, Hearth…

Happy Thanksgiving! I woke up this morning to the smell of coffee and the sounds of Carlos Nakai’s flute music mingled with the voices of my parents, aunt and uncle. This year we are spending the holiday in Northern New Mexico in the house my Dad built. We’ve had many Thanksgivings here, just 12 miles south of the Colorado border. There’s a light rain falling from a cloudy wintery sky, and my thoughts are turned towards gratitude… 

  I’d like to begin with this house. Made from Adobe, brick and wood it’s a masterpiece of openness and vistas. My mother bought the property for a severely low price in the 70s and after I was born we had a trailer set up. Dad began construction on the house when I was very little and finished when I was in High School. He would commute from Albuquerque and work on weekends, summers, in between jobs. I had my own tool belt and would help nail sheetrock. One of our earliest Thanksgivings here was when my Grandmother was still alive. It’s a refuge, a place where time slows down, life is simplified… The perfect space to reflect…  I met this man a little over a year ago, and he continues to be one of the most grateful beings I know. Ironically we have yet to spend Thanksgiving together, but every day living with this soul is filled with thanks. We began with a friendship formed on stage, scene partners and soon partners in crime. Staying up all hours after rehearsal and shows, talking life, love and loss. Soon we blossomed into a creative couple, two working actors, facing the ups and downs of our artistic journey together in a Pasadena paradise… His support, love and partnership have become a vital part of my path and I am forever thankful to be sharing our lives filled with art, roses, love letters, coffee, travel, warmth and laughter…   There are entire communities that are crucial to my development as an artist and person. I’m blessed with incredible family from both sides of my Mom and Dad. Lifelong friends from my various stages of life, most of whom are raising some incredible little humans. My theatre communities, New Mexico, USC, Los Angeles & beyond… They are sprinkled across the globe but consistently present. These relationships, this collection of family, friends and colleagues fuel my creative center.  Amidst the refugee/immigrant crisis, police brutality, religious attacks, oblivious politics, homelesness, domestic abuse, drug wars and Mother Nature’s struggles, I know how incredibly blessed I am… It is a lifelong task to give thanks. Today highlights the practice of gratitude, but because of my parents, Miles and my family and friends, it is an every day action.

Thank you all for your endless love and support! 


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2 thoughts on “Home, Heart, Hearth…

  1. I know that I am grateful for many people I have met over the years of my pretty long life. You, Sabina, are one of those I am grateful for in response to the beauty and challenge of your artistic vision that makes me laugh and cry and think. Happy Thanksgiving dear friend.

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