Stepping into Magic: an actor's journey…

"Be not afraid of greatness: some are born great, some achieve greatness and some have greatness thrust upon them" ~William Shakespeare

From the Big Apple to the Bay Area


Sunset@ Brooklyn Bridge

I’ve moved away from Los Angeles, packed up my belongings and put them in storage in New Mexico. Making the transition from west coast to east coast is going to be a slow and creative process.
This is a year of transition and catharsis. For the past two months I’ve been reconnecting with this great city. I’ve seen a lot of shows, hung out with incredible people, and walked miles and miles.


4th of July@the Brooklyn Bridge

For the 4th of July I watched the fireworks from the Brooklyn Bridge. After the heart breaking world cup game between Columbia and Brazil my friend and I found a perfect spot next to the water to catch the spectacle. It was magnificent. I’ve always loved fireworks displays, and this was one of the best.


One of the highlights during these two months was seeing Tanya Saracho’s world premier of Mala Hierba at Second Stage. The journey that this artist has been on since I met her back in 2012 for the production of El Nogalar at The Fountain Theatre is tremendous. I’m so proud to know this mujer and continue to watch her work grow and grow.


Bethesda Fountain, Central Park

I spent a lot more time in Central Park this time around. (Obviously the weather is much nicer now than March.) Living in L.A. I recall many friends who mentioned how rarely they get to the beach, and I heard the same from some New Yorkers about Central Park. Always interesting how we can take for granted what is in our own backyard. I enjoy the possibility to get lost in the expansive wilderness amidst the skyscrapers and taxi cabs. There were days when I walked at least 40 blocks, zig zagging along the park paths letting my feet decide which way to go.


This was my first time renting a sublet and the experience of looking for housing in NYC is one I find intriguing and daunting at the same time. For actors in the city there is a fantastic Facebook group called “Gypsy Housing.” The search definitely helped me get to know the varius neighborhood and boroughs. I ended up in Astoria, Queens and loved it! Great neighborhood with the historic Astoria Park and pool.
The greatest part of my sublet was my roommate Napoleon, a declawed, bi-polar rescue tabby. He bites super hard to make up for the lack of claws, but we bonded and enjoyed many a cuddles.


Manhattahenge June 2014

I will miss the city as I embark on another journey for a show, taking great memories with me, like catching the Manhattanhenge. Watching the Tony awards with friends near union square. Meeting Audra Mcdonald after she performed as Billie holiday. Eating at Pie Face. Participation in play readings. Fanatically watching the entire month of world cup.


Today I’m flying back to the west coast, landing in San Francisco and heading down to Palo Alto. I booked Water by the Spoonful @ Palo Alto Theatre works. Which begins rehearsals on Monday the 28th. I will be returning to the big Apple in September and ready to continue the work of transition and transformation. And guess what? It’s a new moon…


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