Stepping into Magic: an actor's journey…

"Be not afraid of greatness: some are born great, some achieve greatness and some have greatness thrust upon them" ~William Shakespeare

Water, Trees and Medals


I had my first three days off in a row this month so we planned a trip to the Oregon Coast. We first drove to Newport, OR and camped overnight. The next day we visited The Oregon Coast Aquarium and the Rogue Brewery. We stayed the second night in a hotel in Gold Beach, OR. On our final day we went to Crescent City and visited the Redwood National Parks. Matt did all of the driving and I sat in the passenger seat with the maps. We took in sight after sight and wet our thirst for more traveling together. We have so many more places we want to go. Thanks to our friends who lent us camping gear, recommended places to visit and wished us a safe trip. It was a wonderful adventure!

“Always be like a water. Float in the times of pain or dance like waves along the wind which touches its surface.”
-Santosh Kalwar


Outdoor Spa at Irelands Rustic Lodges

Since the opening week of The Tenth Muse I have missed my weekly chiropractic appointments. It’s been almost three weeks since laying on Kelly Lang‘s table and having her go to work on my neck, hip, knees and ankles. I found Dr. Lang at Hands on Wellness here in Ashland. She specializes in athletic training and treats her actor patients just like athletes. Without her help I am not sure how I could make it through the physical work in The Heart of Robin Hood. She gives great insight on how the body works, how to help the body relearn healthy movement and what to watch for to stay safe.

After being in a car for more than 3 hours at a time my body starts to ache. Our first night of the trip we camped at South Beach State Park. Luckily one of my cast-mates lent us some great little air mattresses from REI which saved my back. What really helped my body during this trip was the hot tub by the sea at Ireland’s Rustic Lodges in Gold Beach. Even thought the weather was overcast and cold I spent some time in the hot tub while Matt explored the beach. The outdoor spa at this hotel has three hot tubs on a deck that overlooks the ocean. (In the photo above the ocean is just past the vegitation, but hard to see with the heavy marine layer.) I soaked while watching hummingbirds chase each other, listening to the waves and feeling the pain melt away.

Soaking has always been the best relief for my chronic pain. However, I have not had a bath tub in any of my houses for the past 7 years. Even when moving to Ashland I had a choice between apartments, one of which had a bathtub, but it didn’t have enough natural light, so we chose the other apartment with just a shower. Luckily OSF company members can use the sauna and steam room at The Waterstone Spa for free. We can also get a discount on the soaking tubs. Tomorrow I finally have time for a chiropractic appointment and right after I am going to sit in the steam room.

* What methods help you relieve bodily pain?

* Have you ever visited a chiropractor?

* What is your favorite way to enjoy water?


“The clearest way into the Universe is through a forest wilderness.”
― John Muir


In the heart of a redwood grove.

Among all of the sites we took in I can’t stop thinking about the redwoods. Matt and I visited the Sequoia National park  a few years back and were very excited to visit their cousins when we knew we were headed towards the coast. We can now say we have seen the largest and tallest trees in the world. We didn’t spend as much time with the redwoods as we had with the sequoias, but it was still quite powerful.

There were a number of redwoods that had fallen down. The trunks stretched out the length of a football field. To see the polished roots exposed with ferns and plants growing out of them told us that they had fallen down years and years before. Every once in awhile we would stop and look up to see the dappled sunlight highlight the tallest limbs that made up the forest canopy. I felt so small, so in awe of these sacred brothers and sisters that have seen so much.

Both of us mentioned Star Wars and I kept hoping to see and Ewok pop out of somewhere. There was a group of small children behind us that were having the time of their lives climbing up onto the fallen trunks and trying to scale the trunks of the still standing beasts. They looked so tiny following each other in a line while skipping across the trunks, like a line of ants. I got the same feeling I do when looking up at a clear view of the stars, I feel a subtle comprehension of the immensity of our universe.

* What is your favorite memory of trees?

* Have you ever hugged a tree?

* If an Ewok showed up in the forest would you run or try to hug it?

“Travel brings power and love back into your life.”
― Rumi


When I graduated college my aunt gave me a rose quartz necklace. I wore it, along with a St. Michael medal that another aunt brought me from Russia and a Virgen de Guadalupe medal, while traveling to Mexico by myself for the first time. Since then my traveling necklace has gone through many additions and changes, the only thing that is the same is my need to wear it when I travel.

Over the past 10 years I developed a slight fear of flying. I grew up on airplanes, traveling with my mother several times a year. But as I got into my late 20’s I started avoiding speed, rollercoasters, motorcycles, snowboarding, etc. Even driving too fast in a car, such as road trips at high speed limits can cause fear. My necklace works twofold: first it is a physical object that I can grasp and hold when fear rises, second, I believe the medals and charms hold power from either the place or person where I got them.

Currently my traveling necklace has the rose quartz crystal, St. Michael and Virgen de Guadalupe medals along with some new additions. I had a necklace with a small metal rectangle stamped with the word LOVE (my first tattoo was this word scratched into the inside of my right ankle by my own hands with a pin and Indian ink), when the necklace broke I added it. My cousin sent me a necklace with a little gold cowboy boot that reminded me to kick-ass and when that necklace broke I added it. I also created a second necklace (I had forgotten my first one on a trip back to New Mexico) with a St. Cristopher medal I bought in Albuquerque and Guadalupana medal that a dear friend sent me. For this Oregon Coast Trip we had packed up the car and were just about to take off when I realized I didn’t have my necklaces. I jumped out of the car and ran back into the house to grab them off of my altar and jumped back into the car, ready to go.

* Do you have a fear of flying?

* Do you have any superstitions or routines when traveling?

*What helps you overcome fear?


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